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False Claims Act


A false claim may be factually false or legally false, and are filed under a federal law that imposes liability on persons and companies (typically federal contractors) who defraud governmental programs.


These claims walk hand-in-hand with Whistleblower Litigation.  Mr. Burnham is currently lead counsel in ongoing litigation under this act against Pfizer.

Franchise Law


Mr. Burnham was General Counsel and Executive Vice President of Domino's Pizza International and as such was substantially responsible for the methods and results of Dominos’ entry into the global markets and its international country-by-country rollout.  


He has additioanlly advised numerous other franchise concepts and systems.


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Mr. Burnham's extensive career has gained him vast experience in the following specific areas of practice.  It is this wealth of experience, industry contacts, and strategical expertise that is the driving force behind Mr. Burnham's boutique practice,which he brings to bear on behalf of his private clientele.

Antitrust Law


United States antitrust law is comprised of a collection of federal and state laws, enacted and utilized to regulate the ethical conduct and behavior of business enterprises.


Throughout Mr. Burnham's career, acting as counsel to numerous business enterprises, he has gained significant expertise relating to this area of practice.

Global Capital Markets


In an ever-shrinking world, expansion into Global Capital Markets can be one of the most daunting undertakings of a newly blossoming enterprise, requiring significant expertise to successfully navigate various and often conflicting regulatory bodies.


Mr. Burnham has handled numerous capital raises including the introduction of companies onto the European stock exchanges.

Petroleum Marketing


The Petroleum Marketing Practices Act deals specifically with the intricacies of the petroleum industry and their marketing practices.


Relavent to the legislation enacted by the  Act, Mr. Burnham personally handled dozens of legal matters for Mobil Oil Corporation involving the marketing of Petroleum.



Whistleblower claims can be filed by anyone with information about how the federal government, state governments, and in some cases private enterprises have been or are being defrauded through false or fraudulent claims.


Currently Mr. Burnham is the lead counsel on a major whistleblower case involving the pharmaceutical industry and Pfizer.

Private Placement Offerings


Raising capital through private placements has been a key tool utilized by small and and mid sized private enterprises to expand their organization's capacity.

Mr. Burnham has provided Regulation "D" services to numerous start-up companies.  These services have included the drafting of company specific private placement offerings as well as advising on the strategic planning that must be considered  with such an undertaking.

Stategic Corporate Organizations


Corporate setup and organization of the corporate entities and assets is critical to the long term financial health of any business.


Mr. Burnham has advised numerous businesses on appropriate formats and structural methodologies.  Each organizational solution is customized to the specific enterprise and its corporate goals.

Private Consulting


Individuals, trusts, corporations and other organizations are often faced with situations that require outside expertise.  These issues are commonly sensitive in nature, requiring discretion and expertise.


Mr. Burnham has negotiated contracts for and advised dozens of professional athletes, celebrities, musicians, national political figures and nationally recognized entrepreneurs.

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