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The Registry Group

The Registry Group has been involved in providing special needs services for both individuals and corporate clients, including funding campaigns, contract negotiations, litigation services, advice and counseling, international transactions management, crisis management,  troubleshooting, and any other services required by its discerning clientele.


Any requisite legal services are managed by Thomas N. Burnham, Attorney-at-Law, and hence the attorney-client privilege attaches to those services to the benefit of the client.


The lead executive Pamela H. Burnham brings a life of experiences to both the entrepreneurial services side of The Registry Group business while also serving as a consultant to Thomas N. Burnham, Attorney-at-Law.


She has started and managed several small and medium sized businesses which has resulted in her acquiring excellent skills in the host of issues and challenges facing start-ups and growth based companies. She is particularly talented in niche identification and messaging both in business plans and private placement memoranda. Virtually all of her history with some early exceptions has been in the global markets and she is adept at maneuvering in those spaces. She is probably best known for her abilities in team management and employee relations. She  did a government tour which adds that perspective.


Regarding the other side of the business, she is key to several of the functions the company handles. She works primarily with the clients as they try to work through the specific challenges they face. When pertinent, she manages all witnesses and their testimony. She also creates and drafts all facets of messaging from positioning in legal matters to internet and public out reaches. Her input to the strategic determinations that need to be made regularly is a primary skill which combines well with her duties interfacing with the various resources with which the company networks.


The Registry Group is available to be your global partner in managing confidential solutions for all of your special needs.



Mr. Burnham maintains a special affiliate relationship with multiple public and private organizations. Operating across diverse industry sectors, they have each engaged in this relationship because of the expertise and experience that Mr. Burnham and his network of contacts bring to bear on their behalf. In these advisory roles, Mr. Burnham acts as a private consultant for these affiliates and provides legal services, as needed, through Mr. Burnham's boutique law practice.

Minerals and Leading Edge Technology

Mr. Burnham is affiliated with a private client group that serves in a fiduciary capacity for selected joint venture projects. The group is founded on the principle belief that all assets, of real intrinsic value, can be classified into one of three possible categories: it is either a natural resource and raw material; the human ingenuity to create or build something of function utilizing those resources; or it is the actual “products of function” resulting from the combination of the two.


Based on this belief, the private client group has centered its business in three synergistic core divisions with a primary focus on economically sound business models conceived and undertaken with the intent to positively impact social or environmental needs.  These core business segments are identified as:  a physical Commodity division; a leading edge Technology division; and a project management or Consulting division.


Physical Commodities

The Commodity division serves as the backbone of the private client group. This arm of the group primarily focuses on the acquisition and sale of precious and semi-precious minerals, though all commodity products fall under the purview of this division. Secondary functions include the evaluation, assessment, acquisition, and management of raw materials or mineral rights, the added value processing of these resources, and the delivery of these commodity products to market.



Services offered through this division are focused on the mineral (mining, processing, refining, etc) and technology industry sectors.  These services include, but are not limited to, the identification and organization of client objectives; strategic planning for achieving client business goals; application of leading edge technology solutions to project design, development, and execution in furtherance of client objectives; and joint venture collaborations.


Leading Edge Technology

The third core division of the private client group engages in Consultation and Management Services within the technology sector. These services include the management, acquisition, development, strategic marketing, monetization, and delivery to market of certain leading edge technology solutions. These technologies are principally based within the energy, waste remediation, and mining industries particularly as they relate to the added value processing and efficient usage of natural resources.

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