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Corporate, Capital and Consulting Practice


Whether seeking counsel on the complex legal issues that a corporation may face while operating in today's global marketplace, or seeking discrete private consultation services, Mr. Burnham has the requisite expertise and operational network to meet the domestic and international troubleshooting needs of the most discerning client.

Common Needs

  • Corporate Structures

  • Financial Structures

  • Capital Markets

  • Franchise and Antitrust Law

  • Private Consulting

Corporate & Private Services

Corporate Structure and Capital Markets


Corporate setup and structure is a key facet to the successful longevity of any venture.


Essential to growing any business is the potential need

for additional capital infusion.  Regulations that govern these capital raises, public and private, both in the United States and abroad, require a refined understanding of corporate structure, tax implications, and overall risk assessments.


Throughout Mr. Burnham's career, he has been intimately involved in the entry into such capital markets. Through both private and public capital raises Mr. Burnham has assisted a variety of clients in navigating regulatory compliance issues.

Franchise and Antitrust Law


Mr. Burnham was General Counsel and Executive Vice President of Domino's Pizza International and as such was substantially responsible for the methods and results of Domino's entry into the global markets and its international country-by-country rollout. 


His successful litigation before a German Court involving Domino's trademark and operating systems allowed Dominos to continue its development within standards and procedures. 


He has advised numerous other franchise concepts and systems.

Special Needs Clients


High profile entities and individuals alike can at times find themselves faced with difficult challenges that require and warrant special attention.  They may be the result of falsified accusations or claims made by unscrupulous attackers. These challenges can require securing funding to either help to push a positive campaign forward or prevent a negative situation from getting worse. In situations such as these, discretion and confidentiality are paramount in managing the solutions to these challenges.


Often times these situations are distracting at best and  a crisis at worst.  These unique challenges can cover a wide spectrum of situations and may occur domestically or internationally.


Whether promulgated from complicated and difficult business transactions and contract negotiations or be it situations that require crisis manaement, problem resolution, and troubleshooting, Mr. Burnham possesses the requisite expertise to assist in meeting his client's special needs.

Private Consulting


There is simply no substitute for responsible strategic planning both in the private and corporate arena.  Over his career, Mr. Burnham has served as a valued consultant to numerous commercial enterprises and private individuals alike.


From simple estate planning to strategic positioning and troubleshooting, Mr. Burnham can provide the experience and candor required to navigate the most sensitive of issues.


Should the need arise for specialty legal representation, Mr. Burnham can both source and manage any and all additional counsel which may be required to meet the unique needs of such specialized situations. Clients benefit from the "peace-of-mind" having a well rounded and experienced counselor can provide.


Mr. Burnham has provided such consulting services to dozens of professional athletes, celebrities, musicians, corporations, entrepreneurs, and national political figures.

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